Why Go Progressive?

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Here’s what people get mixed up on.
Modern progressive lenses are preferred for anyone who wants the latest technology in multifocal vision correction and also wants the most appealing eyeglasses possible with no old-fashioned lines in the lenses.
In other words, progressive lenses will help you see clearly at all distances without those annoying (and age-defining) "bifocal lines" that are visible bifocals and trifocals.

Autograph III: Natural Posture

The near viewing zone in Shamir Autograph III is dynamically located within the lens corridor, taking into account the positive or negative power of the prescription. This reduces the need to tilt the head forward or back, or alternatively to lower or raise a book when reading in an attempt to find the right viewing distance and angles. This would be great for health and wellness as a whole. Read more about our Digital Freeform Progressives



September 18, 2018 by Jim Zhao

Maui Jim Eyeglasses


Maui Jim, known for their island time vibe and patented polarized lens technologies, have begun their next frontier into the ophthalmic world.



The same quality and clarity of their sunglasses are introduced into crisp and clear lenses that provide excellent defenses against UV and harmful computer light.


Yes, they are available in progressives!

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April 20, 2018 by Good See Co.

GLCO - California Dreaming

IN THE BEGINNING, Garrett Leight solidified four classic designs inside a Venice studio. With these designs, Garret Leight California Optical was created as a representation of the Golden State lifestyle. Since then, the company has achieved worldwide status and top collaborations. Inspired by stories of the artist, the icon, and the everyday person, GLCO continues to produce classics crafted with a local twist.

The son of Oliver Peoples founder, Larry Leight, Mr. Garrett paved his own lane intuitively and through years of work inside the iconic eye wear brand. Good See Co. is proud to continue this lineage at its point of conception, Venice Beach.

Stop by our location right off the boardwalk to view our collection or drop us a line; we offer full customization on any GLCO frame.

November 30, 2017 by Ismael Tavira


NIGHTLYNX is the nimble new streak from Vuarnet.  Featuring NIGHT-TIME vision, Vuarnet's darkest collection is designed around performance in low to no light conditions. The bold concept brings forth optimal views for driving conditions in rain or fog. Clubbers will also be able to enjoy a lit view of the city.

Vaurnet's inspiration was pilots in the sky, whose tinted lenses provided clarity with light dynamics. Today, Nightlynx illuminates movers in the day and night. The stylish yellow lens is available on 5 classic matte frames.

Happy Halloween from Good See Co.


October 31, 2017 by Ismael Tavira


Born in 1972 as the first “eyewear as a part of fashion," EYEVAN shifted our perception of the optical industry. Founder Kensuke Ishizu planted the seeds of concept in his homeland, Japan, and by 1985 championed the vision worldwide. Upon globalizing, the company was reborn as EYEVAN 7285.

Drawing from the range of arabesque architecture and french cutlery to telescopic design, the brand reflects a unique spectrum of heritage. Cutting edge techniques such as custom made metals and titanium-acetate fusions refine antiquated information into modern necessity.

The most recent “Capsule Collection” flagships EYEVAN 7285 style status and creative space.

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October 20, 2017 by Ismael Tavira

Jacques Marie Mage Collectables available at Venice Beach

Jacques Marie Mage embodies a liberated vision from the new creative capital of the world: Los Angeles. Mage expands classic luxury ideals towards spiritual thrill seeking. Each collection brings forth a small batch of items designed within forward thinking Hollywood hives and is handcrafted through the traditional Japanese sphere. Every frame is individually numbered to represent the finality of expression.

Good See Co. continues the spirit of freedom in each J.M.M. release.

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Available to fit any RX.



October 10, 2017 by Ismael Tavira