Cartier - C Décor - CT0031RS [Buffalo Horn] (001)


Model: CT0031RS [Buffalo Horn] (001) 

Each Cartier Buffalo Horn frame has a unique 1 of 1 pattern and may not be the exact pattern as shown in the images. Different patterns of horn may be available upon request. Please contact Good See Co. for details.

Gender: Unisex

Frame Size (mm):
Lens Width
Bridge Temple
60 17 140

Frame Materials: 
Metal, Genuine Buffalo Horn

Frame Description: 

Rectangular rimless shape enriched by the C Décor on the temples for an elegant clientele. Collection made of Asian Water Buffalo Horn with precious finishes, adorning the décor and the metal parts.

Example of Maison Cartier Savoir-Faire: a construction in fine superimposed strips positioned in opposing directions to guarantee the quality, the resistance to distortion and the stability of every frame.

Authenticity and preciosity of the horn associated with subtle and timeless color to highlight the warmth, the lightness and the smooth texture of the horn. Unique character of each frame thanks to the horns offer in depth and variety of tones.

Lens: Grey Nylon, UVA+UVB Protection

Shipping: All Cartier brand frames will be shipped with Signature Required upon delivery.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

Handmade in Paris

Authorized Cartier Eyewear Dealer

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Lens Material Options (Single Vision & Progressive)
Anti-Reflective Coatings help improve both your vision and appearance of your eyeglasses by reducing the glare caused by artificial light.
  • Plastic (CR-39) is our most basic material. We recommend this lens for patients with low prescriptions due to the thickness and weight of CR-39. This lens has no shatter or scratch resistance. Anti-reflective coating is included.
  • Polycarbonate is the most common material used for patients. It is shatter & scratch resistant, and is lighter & thinner than plastic. We recommend this material for patients with a low to medium prescription. Anti-reflective coating is included.
  • Trivex is the newest material available on the market. This material is the most lightweight and provide the most clarity. We recommend this material for patients with a low to medium prescription. Anti-reflective coating is included with a 2-year warranty that covers any damage.
  • High Index 1.67 is great for patients with a medium to medium high prescription. This lens is about 20% thinner than polycarbonate.
  • High Index 1.74 is the absolute thinnest lens available anywhere. We recommend this lens to patients with a medium high prescription to a high prescription. This lens is about 20% thinner than High Index 1.67.

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