Hapter - HL03 (RB006-P0)


Model: HL03 (RB006-P0) P0=Asphalt 

Gender: Unisex

Frame Size (mm):
Lens Width
Bridge Temple
56 17 145

Frame Material: 

Featuring Patented Mechanical Bonding: Surgical Stainless Steel + Organic Rubber

Frame Features: 

Technical Core: 

0.6mm Scandinavian Surgical Stainless Steel (Feather-Light, Ultra-Resistant, Fully Adjustable, Anallergic), Designed, Cut, and Shaped to Avoid Weldings and Weaknesses. [Performance+Function]

Artisanal Surface:
Organic Rubber Fused on Top, Compressed With Old Molds Into a Three-Dimensional Texture, Followed by an Intricate Old-School Pigmentation Process, Perfected Through Slow Hand-Rubbing for Selective Removal. Every Frame Is Unique. [Uniqueness+Feel]

Naked Bridge:

Pure Metal Bridge Showcasing the Beauty of the Contrasts of Materials. [Aesthetic]

8-Gon Hinge:

Micro-Milled 5mm Stainless Steel Block, Patented Interlocking Hinge Concept, Balance of Inspirations, Geometrical Engineering and "Haptic" Experience. [Precision+Function]


Patented Structural Round Brackets featuring 4-Way Adjustable Duck-Neck and Silicon Anallergic Soft Pads. [Comfort+Design]


Exclusive Semi-Curly Temple Tips, Inspired by Retro Sporty Glasses. Fully Adjustable and Holding the Frame Tight on the Face, With Replaceable Heat-Shrink Tubes. [Comfort+Design]

Lens Features: Demo Lens

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

Manufactured From Premium Raw Materials, Sourced and Curated Exclusively by Hapter, With Innovative and Artisanal Care in Hapter Work-Shop in Belluno – Italy

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Lens Material Options (Single Vision & Progressive)
Anti-Reflective Coatings help improve both your vision and appearance of your eyeglasses by reducing the glare caused by artificial light.
  • Plastic (CR-39) is our most basic material. We recommend this lens for patients with low prescriptions due to the thickness and weight of CR-39. This lens has no shatter or scratch resistance. Anti-reflective coating is included.
  • Polycarbonate is the most common material used for patients. It is shatter & scratch resistant, and is lighter & thinner than plastic. We recommend this material for patients with a low to medium prescription. Anti-reflective coating is included.
  • Trivex is the newest material available on the market. This material is the most lightweight and provide the most clarity. We recommend this material for patients with a low to medium prescription. Anti-reflective coating is included with a 2-year warranty that covers any damage.
  • High Index 1.67 is great for patients with a medium to medium high prescription. This lens is about 20% thinner than polycarbonate.
  • High Index 1.74 is the absolute thinnest lens available anywhere. We recommend this lens to patients with a medium high prescription to a high prescription. This lens is about 20% thinner than High Index 1.67.